September 24, 2013

Hello everyone!

The purpose of this posting is to update you as best we can at this date.  Please remember, we  as the Hidden Valley Racing Club are a separate entity from the Hidden Valley Club (the mountain).

It is a matter of public record now that the Hidden Valley Club (the mountain) will be going up for auction on October 1, 2013.  It is not clear whether or not any new owner would open the mountain for the 2013/2014 season, and if so, what role the racing program would have with new ownership.

As a separate entity, we, the acting board of the Hidden Valley Racing Club, have taken steps to "mothball" the program and equipment for a year.  The racing shed, and all equipment owned by the racing club, have been moved to a separate location and storage arrangements have been made.  As a the volunteer acting club board, we have decided to take a wait and see approach.  We would love to see the mountain open again, either this year or next, and reestablish the racing program.  If it does not, then decisions regarding the future of the club will need to be made, and we will solicit your input on those.

As to the coming ski season and what to do - some families have decided to go out of state, either to NY or Pa.  Options in NJ include Camp Gaw, Mountain Creek, Mount Peter, and Tuxedo Ridge (in alphabetical order)  If you are interested in those programs, either for a USSA racing program or a youth developmental ski program, you can find more information about them at the individual mountain websites.  It is our great hope that you all choose to continue to support your athlete's skiing development.

As the acting board of Hidden Valley Racing Club, we are committed to promoting youth ski racing in a positive, family-fun manner in NJ.  We will continue to provide updates once we receive factual information.

We wish you all the best in enjoying this fall, and will communicate further after October 1.

As always, you can contact me at

Best regards,
Heather Sheehan


The Hidden Valley Racing Club (HVRC - previously known as HVARA) is a non-profit, parent managed association whose goal is to provide support to the Hidden Valley Race Program. The Hidden Valley Racing Club is a USSA member club with a longstanding cooperative relationship with Hidden Valley. Our athletes train at Hidden Valley and participate in USSA events throughout the local region and the Northeast. Through its volunteer efforts, dues and fundraising, HVRC provides race support, purchases race equipment, and promotes activities that enhance the quality of our athletes' experience, including dry land training, video analysis and pre- and post-season ski trips.  HVRC is made up of parents of current and former racers, coaches and other friends of racing at Hidden Valley. Some notable HVRC alumni include Donna Weinbrecht (Olympic gold medal winner and World Cup champ Mogul skier) and Nolan Kasper (Olympic and World Cup skier) Current racers and their families are strongly encouraged to join HVRC. Membership by USSA racers is required for use of the ATC, HVRC equipment and participation HVRC sponsored activities. 


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